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Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg

But how does this work?

How much and how does it work?

Our product is called "Torrslamfärg" in Swedish, the best english translation is "Dry sludge paint".
Slamfärg is a typical Scandinavian paint to color and preserve wooden facades. The more well-known "rödfärg" is a slamfärg in the typical red color that originates from the Falu quarries in Sweden.

At Glor-Isol we succeeded in applying a less poluting, less toxic and yet better colourfast pigment than is used in other well known sludge paints.

Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg is a powder that needs to be mixed with water and linseed oil in order to be ready to use as paint on new unplaned / splintery wood or wood that was previously painted with slamfärg / rödfärg.

In our 90 years of our existence, we at Glor-Isol have succeeded to make it easy for our customers to process the powder into an easy to apply paint.

To make it even easier, we currently sell Glor-Isol all-in-one sludge paint products. With Glor-Isol "allt-i-ett", you only need to bring water to get 5 or 10 liters ready to use Glor-Isol slamfärg for brush painting in a sturdy paint can.

Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg can be used for either brush painting or spray painting, you just change the amount of water to mix according to the instructions.
Every paint product you buy from Glor-Isol is accompanied by a comprehensive instruction manual.
Below we explain in more detail how it works and how much you can paint with Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg.

Just mix the paint you will use in one day.

To spray painting: 1 kg of Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg is mixed with 6 liters of water.
For brush painting: 1 kg of Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg is mixed with 3.5 liters of water.

It works best if you have the water in a bucket and pour in the powder while stirring.

Then add 5 - 10% emulsified boiled linseed oil (or boiled linseed oil which is emulsified with 10% liquid green soap)

Mix at least 10 minutes with, for example, a paint mixer.
If necessary, add more water to get the desired texture.

Your sludge paint is now ready for use!

Finished Glor-Isol sludge paint is intended for painting on new unplaned / splintery wood or wood that has been previously painted sludge paint.
Old, loose slamfärg is to be brushed away before painting.
Note that the paint, while it has not dried, does not withstand temperatures below + 5 ℃.
Cracking can occur if the paint is applied too thick or if wood is not cleaned from old paint.

Spray painted: 1.6 - 2.3 sqm / kg finished Glor-Isol slamfärg or 12 - 17 sqm / kg Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg per coat.
Brush painted: 2.5 - 3.0 sqm / kg finished Glor-Isol slamfärg or 11 - 14 sqm / kg Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg per coat.
It is recommended to apply two coats for best protection.

Technical facts
Paint type: Sludge paint
Contents (of the Dry sludge paint): Iron Oxide, Iron Sulfate, Starch
Binder: Emulsified linseed oil
Gloss: Matt
Thinning: Water
Glor-Isol Torrslamfärg can be stored dry in a sealed container for many years.